Begonia Santa-Cecilia
Sergio Prego gave a lecture about his collaborative artistic-pedagogic project PROFORMA 2010, which involved 30 exercises, during 40 days, and 8 hours a day in the MUSAC museum, in Spain. This project was organized by artists Txomin Badiola, Jon Mikel Euba and Sergio Prego himself. They made a public call for artists interested in participating, and they choose 15 voluntaries among the candidates. During what was called the “Proforma Quarantine” (February 8th – March 20th, 2010) they conducted a series of workshops/exercises with the help of the voluntaries, and detailed the processes and results through a blog.

Sergip Prego hizo una presentación sobre el proyecto colaboraivo PROFORMA el cual realizó junto a Txomin Badiola y Jon Mikel Euba, y en el que 15 voluntarios fueron seleccionados tras una convocatoria pública para participar en el proyecto.
El taller consistió en 30 ejercicios realizados en 40 dias, durante 8 horas diarias.
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